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From the Canadian News Network Newsroom:


2023-08-11 - Canadian evacuees tell of chaotic scenes in Maui wildfire ‘war zone’

2023-08-11 - How One McDonald’s Employee Took Down a $24M Scam

2023-08-11 - Homeless people allegedly being shipped to London, Ont. draws ire of deputy mayor.

2023-08-11 - Municipal Budgets Strained By Arrival Of Asylum Seekers

2023-08-11 - 'WE APOLOGIZE': Major recall at No Frills, Shoppers Drug Mart, Real Canadian Superstore, Loblaws, Fortinos, Zehrs and other stores on hair and jewelry products triggers warning to shoppers in Canada

2023-08-11 - Woman faces fraud charges over claim to $70-million lottery ticket

2023-08-10 - SCAM ALERT - Don’t Fall for the Elon Musk ‘Quantum AI’ Crypto Scam

2023-08-10 - SCAM ALERT - Martin Lewis warns of deepfake video investment scams: what to look out for

2023-08-10 - SCAM ALERT - Quantum AI Review By Elon Musk, SCAM Trading App Exposed!

2023-08-10 - SCAM ALERT - Fake Elon Musk TeslaCoin cryptocurrency investment scam costs victims at least $250

2023-08 -10 - SCAM ALERT - Anyone got scammed by the Quantum AI made by Elon Musk?

2023-08-10 - SCAM ALERT - This is how an Ontario woman lost $750,000 in an Elon Musk deep fake scam

2023-08-10 - SCAM ALERT - “New” AI-Powered Trading Platform Scam Confirmed

2023-08-09 - SCAM ALERT - Unidentified Flying Object (UFO or UAP) IDENTIFIED As x-44

2023-08-09 - SCAM ALERT - Quantum AI Elon Musk Finance Investment Scam, Explained

2023-08-09 - Masking alone wouldn't have eased respiratory virus surge in the fall: PHO document

2023-08-09 - This device can detect the presence of COVID-19 in the air in just five minutes

2023-08-09 - A new COVID-19 variant has emerged. Here's what we know about EG.5 so far

2023-08-09 - Health Canada approves 1st RSV vaccine for adults age 60 and over

2023-08-09 - Canada will likely see rise in COVID cases by late August: infectious disease expert

2023-08-09 - The new COVID-19 variant EG.5 is in Ontario

2023-08-08 - Timmins, Ont., to consider moving homeless shelter after complaints from residents

2023-08-08 - How far would you go for your favourite snack? Hankering for ketchup chips draws father and son from Virginia to Niagara Falls

2023-08-08 - $2.5 million in drugs — not waffles — seized at Niagara border crossing

2023-09-04 - CEO of Beautiful Mind Coffee Dr.Michel Rathbone Nominated For Health Care Provider of the Year 2023

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