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Tuesday, August 23, 2022



Non-profit founder runs for St Catharines city council to bring more diversity of thought, experience, and race.


ST. CATHARINES, ON. - Inclusion is always top of mind for Dr. Tapo Chimbganda. The founder of the St Catharines-based nonprofit - Future Black Female says representation matters and St. Catharines city council should reflect the diversity within the city.

“Since establishing my not-for-profit organization in this city, people from all walks of life tell me that as a city we need to do more to be inclusive,” Dr. Chimbganda says. “Many people seem to think that this city lacks diversity, but I believe that’s because there is no diversity in leadership.
We have many communities, cultures, languages, and experiences represented in this city and our city council should reflect that. As a city we need to see how much of an asset diversity is and work intentionally to include people we have often been dismissed as outsiders or transient, like we are here to stay. The future of our city depends on how we embrace the changes that are taking place; that have been taking place for some time now. We need to pay attention to
the resources we are wasting by excluding many active and invested citizens in this city. I see my role as representing those people.”


Leading up to this year’s municipal elections, Niagara Region embarked on a project – Seat at the Table - designed to encourage, enable, and equip more women from diverse backgrounds to run for council. Dr Chimbganda’s organization was one of the supporters of this project and now she has put her name forward for St Georges Ward 3. Historically, the City of St Catharines has had a handful of Black candidates running and in the last 50 years only one man has been voted onto the city council. If elected, she will be the first Black woman to city on St Catharines city council.

The goal is not to qualify simple because she is a Black woman. Dr Chimbganda has demonstrated her commitment to public and social services for over 20 years. She has worked in community mental health, with children, youth, and families; and she has also taught in higher education. As a well-travelled immigrant originally from Zimbabwe, she is proof that welcoming immigrants into the country and by extension into St Catharines, boosts the economy. She
established her organization in 2019 and has raised over $1m in funding and created jobs for youth. This benefits St Catharines.


“My goal is to serve and give back to St Catharines,” she says. “I have been blessed beyond measure and benefited from opportunities I never would have accessed in my country of origin. Serving on the city council is another way to say thank you to the taxpayers and citizens of this city who make it possible for people like me to pursue our dreams and succeed.”

Dr Tapo Chimbganda is excited to engage the media as she seeks a seat at the table.

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