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2023-09-09 - St. Catharines firefighters rescue tenants from burning building using construction ladders

2023-09-09 - Fatal stabbing suspect in Niagara Falls arrested, charged

2023-09-09 - Indecent act reported on Beamer Memorial Conservation Area trail

2023-09-09 - Man jailed for not disclosing STI to intimate partners

2023-09-09 - Things to do in Niagara this weekend

2023-09-09 - Teens killed in car by deputy in upstate New York were 15 and 17, police say

2023-09-09 - New Niagara AM station launching Monday

2023-09-09 - Authorities identify remains of 2 victims killed in 9/11 attack on World Trade Center

2023-09-09 - Timing of evidence disclosure raises ire of judge in 'Freedom Convoy' trial

2023-09-09 - Powerful quake in Morocco kills more than 800 people and damages historic buildings in Marrakech

2023-09-09 - Toronto police officer charged in shooting of Black man in February

2023-09-09 - U of Waterloo stabbing at gender studies class amounts to terrorism: prosecutors

2023-09-09 - Canadian researchers discover spyware infecting iPhones without users ever clicking on anything

2023-09-09 - 'One Chip Challenge' product pulled from Canadian shelves after U.S. teen's death

2023-09-09 - How a sad, solo Prince Harry paid his respects to the late queen in England, one year later

2023-09-09 - 'Flood the city,' 'Freedom Convoy' organizers' trial delves into social media videos

2023-09-09 - Is hurricane Lee headed for Canada? The 'spaghetti models' can be misleading: expert

2023-09-09 - Woman dies after hitting boat propeller in Manitoba, Mounties say

2023-09-09 - Frustration, despair at Montreal airport amid road traffic woes

2023-09-09 - What happened when England's soccer great Gascoigne met Prince William in a shop? A cheeky kiss

2023-09-09 - Indianapolis officer gets 1 year in prison for kicking a handcuffed man in the face during an arrest

2023-09-09 - A Norwegian man needed a hobby. His new metal detector found a showy 1,500-year-old gold necklace

2023-09-09 - Niagara Falls ranked world’s second most popular bucket-list travel destination

2023-09-09 - More Canadians are using smartphones instead of credit cards to pay — here’s how to make sure your money stays safe

2023-09-09 - What will drivers experience when they buy a new car?

2023-09-09 - Interest rate hikes might be over but don't expect housing market to flare up: BMO

2023-09-09 - B.C.'s health minister warns high emergency medical care demand may be 'new normal'

2023-09-09 - New outreach centre for youth aims to save lives in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside

2023-09-09 - Vancouver cop charged after pedestrian struck in city's Downtown Eastside last year

2023-09-09 - Civil liberties group files court challenge of 'harmful' N.B. gender policy

2023-09-09 - Ottawa school bus routes cancelled for thousands of students due to driver shortage

2023-09-09 - Don't try to dodge police checkpoints, B.C. fire zone residents are told

2023-09-09 - Prince George, B.C., explosion linked to pipe theft, gas buildup in structure: RCMP

2023-09-09 - Police return emotional support rabbit that ran loose in Vancouver SkyTrain station

2023-09-09 - Bank of Canada may need to raise rates again, despite this week's hold: Macklem

2023-09-09 - Trudeau ready to testify with 'enthusiasm' at inquiry on foreign meddling if asked

2023-09-09 - Quebec man, 37, charged with arson in connection with wildfires in province's north

2023-09-09 - anniversary of deadly Swissair crash

2023-09-09 - Nova Scotia launches advertisement campaign warning people to prepare for hurricanes

2023-09-09 - N.S. police watchdog says Truro officer faces sex-assault and voyeurism charges

2023-09-09 - No criminal charges for Halifax police officer who killed man pointing shotgun

2023-09-09 - UK police catch terrorism suspect who escaped from a London prison

2023-09-09 - Heavy swells pound northeast Caribbean as Hurricane Lee charges through open waters

2023-09-09 - UN atomic watchdog warns of threat to nuclear safety as fighting spikes near plant in Ukraine

2023-09-09 - Philadelphia police officer surrenders on murder charges weeks after fatal shooting

2023-09-09 - The number of people missing following devastating Maui wildfires has dropped to 66, governor says

2023-09-09 - New Mexico governor issues order suspending the right to carry firearms in public across Albuquerque

2023-09-09 - Prison guard who missed killer's escape is fired, as hunt for fugitive focuses on botanic garden

2023-09-09 - Hurricane Lee is charting a new course in weather and could signal more monster storms

2023-09-07 - Ride4Paws to help in fight to save dogs from euthanasia

2023-09-07 - Toronto realtor goes viral after claiming restaurant served canned tuna for $25

2023-09-07 - China authorities arrest 2 for smashing shortcut through Great Wall with excavator

2023-09-07 - Tennis ball wasteland? Game grapples with a fuzzy yellow recycling problem

2023-09-07 - Girl, 12, dead after stabbing in Scarborough, young person charged with second-degree murder

2023-09-07 - Mother tells B.C. murder trial she regrets leaving her daughter home alone

2023-09-07 - Mystery disease idea unfounded, should be 'put to bed': ex-health minister

2023-09-07 - More post-secondary students rely on parents, stay home to finish school: RBC poll

2023-09-07 - Canadian home prices forecasted to be flat this fall amid high interest rates: report

2023-09-07 - Millions upon millions of lines of code added to vehicles equal tricky, oddball problems for owners

2023-09-07 - 'Freedom Convoy' organizers' trial to delve into social media from protest

2023-09-07 - St. Catharines, police reinforce importance of crosswalk safety after crossing guard struck

2023-09-07 - Saint Francis Catholic Secondary School locked down as intruder identified, arrested

2023-09-07 - 'Freedom Convoy' got more volatile as protest went on, police officer tells court

2023-09-07 - 'PLEASE IMMEDIATELY STOP USING': Major recalls at Canadian Tire, Costco, Walmart and Home Depot on chargers, adhesives and tablets trigger multiple Health Canada warnings to shoppers

2023-09-06 - Niagara school bus driver transporting students charged with speeding

2023-09-06 - Heat warning to continue in Niagara until Thursday

2023-09-06 - Milton man drowns at Lake Erie beach resort Sun Retreats Sherkston Shores

2023-09-06 - OPP roundup: Man caught golfing beside Highway 401 charged with impaired driving

2023-09-06 - Accused killer of Giorgio Barresi previously arrested for links to drug syndicate

2023-09-06 - How natural disasters in Canada and around the world are driving up your insurance costs

2023-09-06 - ‘Winter whiteout’: Old Farmer’s Almanac predicts cold, snowy season ahead for much of Canada

2023-09-06 - CP NewsAlert: Police, city officials to testify in 'Freedom Convoy' organizers' trial

2023-09-06 - Canadian home prices forecasted to be flat this fall amid high interest rates: report

2023-09-06 - 'Margaritaville' singer Jimmy Buffett, who maintained Canadian roots while turning beach-bum life into an empire, dies at 76

2023-09-06 - ‘No child should ever have had to survive your cruelty,’ sex assault survivor tells stepfather

2023-09-06 - ‘Street racing influencer’ charged with dangerous driving posted racing videos online, York police say

2023-09-06 - Niagara cocaine dealer, 69, to spend next two years behind bars

2023-09-06 - Two men plead guilty to grandparent scam that defrauded elderly Welland man of thousands of dollars

2023-09-06 - Man accused of killing Muslim family members pleads not guilty as trial opens

2023-09-06 - 'Senseless violence': Calgary police chief promising arrests after weekend riot

2023-09-06 - Police probe fatal late-night shooting in Toronto's west end

2023-09-06 - Montreal police allege man intentionally drove into a group of people, injuring six

2023-08-15 - Canadian Radio Show Guest Confesses to Two "Sanctioned" Murders, Having worked with the U.S. Military and Extraterrestrials and Guinea Pig for CIA's Project MK-ULTRA from Age of 5!

2023-08-12 - CONSUMER SECURITY ALERT - Is Temu A Scam And Is China Spying On You? Here’s The Truth

2023-08-12 - CONSUMER SECURITY ALERT - Why the Temu app craze is downright crazy: Online retailer pulls data for Chinese communists

2023-08-12 - CONSUMER SECURITY ALERT - Is Temu legit? Cybersecurity expert warns it's not the bargain you want

2023-08-12 - CONSUMER SECURITY ALERT - Temu comes with data risks, cybersecurity experts warn

2023-08-12 - CONSUMER SECURITY ALERT - Temu accused of data risks after sister app was suspended for malware

2023-08-12 - CONSUMER SECURITY ALERT - Get TEMU, this Chinese app out of your smartphone right now

2023-08-12 - CONSUMER SECURITY ALERT - Temu is stealing your cards

2023-08-12 - CONSUMER SECURITY ALERT - Temu accused of data risks after sister app was suspended for malware

2023-08-12 - CONSUMER SECURITY ALERT - What is Temu? Shopping app that didn't exist 4 months ago now a source of privacy concerns

2023-08-11 - Canadian evacuees tell of chaotic scenes in Maui wildfire ‘war zone’

2023-08-11 - How One McDonald’s Employee Took Down a $24M Scam

2023-08-11 - Homeless people allegedly being shipped to London, Ont. draws ire of deputy mayor.

2023-08-11 - Municipal Budgets Strained By Arrival Of Asylum Seekers

2023-08-11 - 'WE APOLOGIZE': Major recall at No Frills, Shoppers Drug Mart, Real Canadian Superstore, Loblaws, Fortinos, Zehrs and other stores on hair and jewelry products triggers warning to shoppers in Canada

2023-08-11 - Woman faces fraud charges over claim to $70-million lottery ticket

2023-08-10 - SCAM ALERT - Don’t Fall for the Elon Musk ‘Quantum AI’ Crypto Scam

2023-08-10 - SCAM ALERT - Martin Lewis warns of deepfake video investment scams: what to look out for

2023-08-10 - SCAM ALERT - Quantum AI Review By Elon Musk, SCAM Trading App Exposed!

2023-08-10 - SCAM ALERT - Fake Elon Musk TeslaCoin cryptocurrency investment scam costs victims at least $250

2023-08 -10 - SCAM ALERT - Anyone got scammed by the Quantum AI made by Elon Musk?

2023-08-10 - SCAM ALERT - This is how an Ontario woman lost $750,000 in an Elon Musk deep fake scam

2023-08-10 - SCAM ALERT - “New” AI-Powered Trading Platform Scam Confirmed

2023-08-09 - SCAM ALERT - Unidentified Flying Object (UFO or UAP) IDENTIFIED As x-44

2023-08-09 - SCAM ALERT - Quantum AI Elon Musk Finance Investment Scam, Explained

2023-08-09 - Masking alone wouldn't have eased respiratory virus surge in the fall: PHO document

2023-08-09 - This device can detect the presence of COVID-19 in the air in just five minutes

2023-08-09 - A new COVID-19 variant has emerged. Here's what we know about EG.5 so far

2023-08-09 - Health Canada approves 1st RSV vaccine for adults age 60 and over

2023-08-09 - Canada will likely see rise in COVID cases by late August: infectious disease expert

2023-08-09 - The new COVID-19 variant EG.5 is in Ontario

2023-08-08 - Timmins, Ont., to consider moving homeless shelter after complaints from residents

2023-08-08 - How far would you go for your favourite snack? Hankering for ketchup chips draws father and son from Virginia to Niagara Falls

2023-08-08 - $2.5 million in drugs — not waffles — seized at Niagara border crossing

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