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Canadian Media Services Breaks Barriers in Digital News Access


July 31, 2023 - REL-MAR McConnell Media is pleased to announce the launch of Canadian Media Services, a new division aimed at providing unrestricted access to Canadian News Channels. In an era of digital censorship, Canadian Media Services, under the leadership of esteemed Canadian Broadcaster Rob McConnell, sets out to bridge the information gap caused by the recent blocking of Canadian news channels on major U.S. based social media networks.

With the dominant social media platforms frequently restricting access to Canadian news sources, Canadian Media Services aims to offer an open platform that enables Canadians and international audiences to access reliable Canadian news content easily. This new initiative will provide a platform for Canadian news channels, which have faced unprecedented barriers to reaching a wider audience due to the policies of U.S. based tech companies.

According to Rob McConnell, the veteran Canadian Broadcaster and Head of Canadian Media Services, "It is crucial for the general public to have access to diverse news sources that are not dependent on the algorithms and decisions made by foreign platforms.  Canadian Media Services aims to fill this gap by providing unfettered access to Canadian news channels, ensuring that citizens have access to crucial information from a variety of perspectives."

In today's digital world, where social media platforms play a significant role in shaping public discourse, the recent limitations placed on Canadian news channels have caused concerns about the diversity of information available to the public. Canadian Media Services seeks to address this matter by providing a viable alternative, enabling the free flow of news information and fostering a well-informed citizenry.

The Canadian Media Services platform will be a user-friendly hub where individuals from Canada and around the globe can access a wide range of Canadian news channels, in real-time or on-demand. Through this platform, Canadian broadcasters will have the opportunity to reach a larger and more diverse audience, ensuring that their news content remains accessible to the public.

REL-MAR McConnell Media Company is proud to support this groundbreaking initiative as part of its commitment to promoting open access to information. The establishment of Canadian Media Services reinforces its dedication to the principles of media integrity, diversity, and the public's right to access unbiased news.


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Canadian Media Services

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About Canadian Media Services:

Canadian Media Services, a division of REL-MAR McConnell Media Company, is a pioneer in providing unrestricted access to Canadian news channels. It aims to counter the limitations placed on Canadian news sources by major U.S. based social media networks, ensuring that citizens have unimpeded access to a breadth of reliable and diverse Canadian news content.